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Digital marketing has gotten stale. The same website over and over, the same ads, and what might as well be the same team. Hundreds of identical marketing agencies.
Not us.

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Ashley Madden


Ashley Madden is the founder of Zeal Marketing Group. As a newly minted mompreneur, she’s ready to do what needs to be done to succeed for both herself and her family. She excels at marketing project management and has an extensive background in both writing and marketing for small businesses. 

Holly Harris

Head of Administrations

Holly Harris leads the charge in our sales and administration side. But wait, there’s more! In addition to being fantastic at helping us get new clients, she’s also great at helping our clients with blog content! In short, she assists in writing, converting content, bidding, file management, project management, billing, and more. 

Certifications, Verifications, & Memberships

Meet the people who agree that we know what we’re doing, we are who we say we are, and who we talk to a lot.

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Learn about who we are at the core

Our mission is to give businesses unlimited growth potential through high-quality marketing, writing, and consulting.
A planet of small businesses with the marketing and writing content they need to grow and thrive with energy and enthusiasm.

Energy: We use the same zeal in helping you as we would with our own business.

Optimism: The first step in getting better, growing, and reaching new heights is to believe you can.

Integrity: We’ll never lie about results, mislead you or the public, or break our personal morals for money.

Transparency: You won’t just know who you’re working with; you’ll understand and trust them as you would a friend. 

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Satisfaction Rate

The small businesses we work with have nothing but nice things to say.



Our headquarters are in Georgia, but our remote team members live worldwide.


Founded in 2018

Zeal is young at heart but wizened by the education and experience of our team.

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We bring marketing plans to life with zeal

A marketing plan is an important part of an overall business plan that empowers you to find customers, determine a focus, craft compelling messages, and convert your sales prospects.

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