The Challenge

Matt from Del Mar Designs needed help implementing his marketing plan. Del Mar Designs was a CPG business that sold fans and lighting to construction businesses and homeowners looking to upgrade.

He called on Zeal Marketing Group for our digital marketing services. When he contacted us, he needed assistance with his email marketing and social media marketing plans.

The only goal was more sales. Matt didn’t concern himself with follower count, reach, or engagement, making this a tough (but rewarding) client for a few reasons. He asked us to post three times a week on social media and monthly for an email newsletter.

#1: Social Media is TOFU

When it comes to digital marketing, the goal of social media is to obtain awareness and the occasional click-through. Primary metrics include reach, followers, and engagement. Sales, directly from social media, are very hard to track with 100% accuracy.

However, our goal was sales. So, we utilized a few different tactics to assist Matt. Starting with engagement (because even if the goal is sales, engagement tells us who’s listening).

  • Engaging Content: We often asked thought-provoking questions with attached blog posts and website links. The goal was to increase reach (new eyes) and click-throughs (hits on the website).

  • Link tracking: We enabled link tracking on every link that went to the website. That way, we knew who was visiting from what social media and from what post.

  • Sales Notifications: Each week, we let our social media audience know about the website’s ongoing sales. This encouraged interested parties to click on the link and shop.

“I really enjoyed working with Matt. His industry [construction CPG] is one of our niches and I loved seeing our work translate directly into results.”

Ashley Madden

Founder – Zeal Marketing Group

#2: Email is BOFU

Email marketing is BOFU, which means the bottom of the funnel. In theory, those who subscribe to your email newsletter are already very interested in your product — meaning email should help them pull the trigger.

However, previous email marketing efforts were sparse, so we started from a pretty clean slate with no historical records of interest. Additionally, MailChimp’s integration with Matt’s online shop failed after the first month.

The easy way of tracking conversions was gone. We utilized external link tracking and estimations based on open and click-through rates rather than solid data to determine sales numbers.

Our clickthrough rate on the first email was 6.3% — WAY above average (2.09% is average for e-commerce)!

The Process

To achieve our set goals, we needed information. We obtained future sales information from Matt, looked at the highest performing posts, and took a sneak peek at upcoming launches and blog posts. With that information, we planned an engaging and timely content calendar weeks in advance.

  • Social Media Sales Posts: We pre-scheduled sales posts to the content calendar weeks in advance.

  • Email Marketing Blog Links: Our newsletters included blog posts with DIY tips and tricks that prospects could view on the Del Mar site.

  • Featured Products: Based on what sales, partnerships, and deals were going on, we pre-chose featured products for both social media and email newsletters.

Our process doesn’t stop once we achieve results.

Our first newsletter resulted in about $1000 in sales! BUT… that didn’t mean we were done. In fact, we wanted to do better! It was time to review the analytics and see if we could capture (and grow) those results.

In the following months, we increased the open rate and the click-throughs while decreasing the unsub rate! Take a look at some of our results below.

400% ROI in March

The March newsletter was a resounding success in terms of new sales and a great example of how our email marketing process achieves results.

Increased Clicks

Over on Pinterest, our strategy proved valuable with an increase in link clicks month over month.


Our work with Del Mar Designs enabled them to increase their click-through rate on emails and social to far above what they were achieving before utilizing our services.

Want better results from your social media marketing or email marketing?

Contact Zeal Marketing Group today and we’ll set up a time to talk about your goals, current results, and needs. Let’s get you on the path to new sales today!

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