The Challenge

Randy Tarpey was looking for a way to boost organic traffic to his three niche tax websites. Though one had good traffic, the other two were fresh with no keywords or history. We placed a high priority on SEO blogs and content on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Process

Our project started with website revisions. During this time, we completely upgraded Randy’s three one-page websites, creating detailed, optimized, and aesthetically pleasing five-page sites. Major components of this process included:

  • SEO optimized text

  • Scannable layouts

  • Backend optimizations

  • Appealing and relevant photos

Optimization isn’t just for websites… it can be done on social profiles, too.

Next, we audited and elevated two LinkedIn accounts: Randy’s profile and the profile of Miranda Silfee, the leader of the First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit website. Our LinkedIn Upgrades include:

  • New banners

  • Optimized summaries

  • Upgraded job history descriptions
  • Skill recommendations

Time to get engaging.

After all of the content upgrades, we launched our social media marketing and content writing campaigns. Utilizing engaging social media content, we posted two times a week to each Facebook and offered one post a week for Randy’s LinkedIn account.

We produce two weekly blogs for each page during tax season and one blog post during the off-season. All offer high value and quality advice to prospective customers while also boosting the organic ranking of the newly launched websites.

Unexpected Results

Ranking a new website is a slow process. We aim for results between three and six months. However, we’re always thrilled when results start showing in month one!

Quality Engagement

By working with owners and employees, we pride ourselves in 500% or larger growth in the first month for underutilized accounts. With consistent growth month after month.


Through careful planning and research, Zeal Marketing Group crafted a marketing strategy designed to maximize brand awareness and widen the funnel Randy Tarpey set for each of his niche businesses.

Slow growth is good growth

Over the course of the past six months (from August 2020 to February 2021), we consistently increased organic reach and engagement across all Facebook channels in addition to ranking for new keywords on all of the blogs.

Take a Look

Take a look at what we’ve been doing for each of Randy’s platforms and get in touch to learn what we can do for you!

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