The Challenge

Christina wanted to launch a women’s empowerment CPG — a condom holder that doubled as a compact. It was her belief that women can carry a condom, too (and we agree)!


Because it takes two to tango! So, we were off to the races. She wanted a website, Indiegogo page, marketing plan, podcast placements, launch video, and four blogs — and we delivered.

To Begin… a plan.

When Christina brought us on, the first thing on the list was creating the plan for the brand. She had a logo, she had an idea, and she had a product — but that was all. So, we helped write and implement her marketing plan. It included:

  • Copywriting: Creation of sales-driven text for both the Indiegogo page and her Shopify website.

  • Script Writing: Creation of two scripts which she used to create the introduction video above.

  • Website Creation: Creation of a Shopify website that would eventually become her place to sell her compacts once launching a successful campaign.

  • Content Writing: Creation of optimized blogs to enable her website to start ranking on Google and other search engines.

  • Podcast Placement: Using our network to find podcasts that focused on women and women’s empowerment.

*Disclaimer* Zeal Marketing Group was not in charge of planning or implementing the social media or email marketing campaigns. Our job was to set up all the tools (website, podcasts, & Indiegogo) she would need to launch the campaign fully. In the end, her Indiegogo campaign was not successful. Though we cannot be certain, we expect part of this was due to the launch of a product during the COVID-19 shutdown and limited organic social media or paid advertising. What follows is our process and our results for our portion of this launch.


Podcast Placements

In two months, we placed her on SIX podcasts where she talked about women’s empowerment.


Optimized Blogs

To go with the website, we wrote four blogs talking about women’s rights and carrying a condom.



We offered two scripts for her to choose from when she went to create her introduction video.

“[I] Loved working with Ashley, the owner. She is very detailed and patient and takes the time to explain things step by step. She is also very reasonable and affordable and quite flexible. Give her a call today!”

Christina Grey

Founder – Sequre

The Process

Launching a new product fundraiser means working with a lot of moving parts. We created engaging copy and a high-quality website and gave people a reason to buy-in before the “real” launch. To “check off” these steps, we did the following:

  • Researched keywords and wrote to convert and rank

  • Recommended product photo layouts and sourced quality stock images

  • Offered ideas for incentives on Indiegogo

Podcast placement made simple.

The final piece of the puzzle was obtaining podcast placements for Christina. While this can be a challenge for a newcomer to podcasts, our network allows us to find only the most relevant podcasts.

We contacted various podcasts and let the host[s] know how Christina could help their audience. In return, the hosts often let her talk about her product either while she was introducing herself or at the end of the show.

Quality Blog Creation

A modern website (almost) always needs optimized blogs. Without those, your chances of ranking are almost none.

Click on the image to the right to see one example of our content writing.

Converting Copy

Creating an Indiegogo page is an art. There are a lot of pieces that you need to show why your product deserves fundraising.

We took her idea, product, and voice to create a high-quality page that would wow any visitor.


Christina obtained a high-quality website, a well-written Indiegogo page, SIX podcast placements, and four blog posts in three months total. Yet, she didn’t succeed in her dreams of launching a compact/condom holder for women — at least not yet. We chose this rather unconventional case study to teach two lessons:

1) We know our stuff.

The point of a case study is to show you what we’ve done in the past. We hope that we’ve shown you a bit of our copywriting, content writing, design, fundraising, and podcast placement skills with this case study.

2) Things might not work out.

But… we don’t work magic and we want to be VERY honest about this fact. We will give you our advice and help you reach your goals, but sometimes things don’t always go as planned (and pandemics get in the way). After all, we’re zealous and WANT you to succeed. So, while most marketing agencies let you know they don’t guarantee results in their contract, we let you know right on our website — because honesty is THE BEST policy.

Looking for a free quote?

Our honesty didn’t scare you away? That’s great! We’re here to talk about your goals, your position, and your timeline. In the end, you’ll get a free quote and proposal outlining what we can (and will try) to do for you. Get in touch!

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