How to Pick the Perfect eBook Ghostwriter

Ashley Merscher

Jun 16, 2020

There are many advantages to producing and publishing an eBook. Not only does it keep your current customers and supporters engaged and happy, but it’s also an excellent marketing tool to attract new clients. However, to truly make it work, you need a well-written, stylized, and polished book. Not every business has the time or resources to create that. That’s why many opt to use an eBook ghostwriter. 

It’s best to find eBook ghostwriting services that mesh with you and your business. Let’s look at how to find your perfect match.

An eBook Ghostwriter or a Content Creator or Something Else?

To start, you need to consider what eBook ghostwriting services you need. Some businesses merely need a writer who can match and elevate their tone, voice, and brand. Others are looking for the whole package: an eBook ghostwriter to craft the text, a graphic designer or content creator to put it all together, and a marketing expert to attract new clients. When possible, it’s best to find someone (or a digital marketing agency) that can assist you with everything you need.

First, let’s break it down a bit more:

  • What exactly can an eBook writing service do for you?
  • When do you need to seek content creation services?
  • Is marketing necessary?

We’ll dive into all these questions, and more!

eBook Ghostwriting Services

At Zeal Marketing Group, we offer eBook writing within our full-suite of content writing services. Our team has professional writers with various backgrounds, so we match the perfect eBook ghostwriter to your business’s particular needs. We specialize in nonprofits, social enterprises, remote and travel-related businesses, and construction. Still, we also have plenty of experience with other topics, such as health and beauty, fashion, eCommerce, law, athletics, computer science, landscaping, mechanics, and more.

Do You Need an Industry Expert?

Sure, it’d be helpful to find an eBook ghostwriter who has some experience in your topic; but what’s far more critical is that your writer can grasp your tone, elevate your brand, and entertain your audience.

Maybe your business is about interior design, but you can’t find a ghostwriter with that experience. Don’t fret! Search for someone — or an agency — that can write well, research your topic, and (most importantly) produce the information you need in a way that grips your target audience and converts readers into customers. In other words, the perfect ghostwriter also knows marketing.

Content Creation Services

As a full-fledged digital marketing agency, Zeal Marketing Group also offers general content creation services. That means our team goes beyond just the ebook’s writing and can help you bring it to life. Our graphic designers create layouts, templates, cover pages, logos, and more that make your eBook look professional and worth the reader’s time.

The fact is that you can seek the best eBook writing service and find the perfect writer, but if you don’t design your book well, all that work could be for nothing. It doesn’t matter if your book is a gift to encourage new clients to join your email list, or you sell it to generate passive income. At the end of the day, your eBook needs to look good.

Content Marketing Services

So you found eBook ghostwriting services that meshed well with your brand, and you discovered the perfect content creation services to design a killer layout. Now what?

Don’t let your beautiful eBook go to waste — it’s time to market your book and find your target audience! At Zeal Marketing Group, we can create personalized content marketing packages that cover all your needs:

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Analytics

It’s one thing to write the book, and it’s another to get it in front of new clients. By combining these services, you’re increasing your chances of attracting new audiences from multiple sources. And by using analytics, you’ll understand what works best and what needs to change.

Conclusion: Does the Perfect eBook Ghostwriter Exist?

Yes, of course! You just have to decide what you need.

  • If you just need a writer, find someone who provides an eBook writing service that meshes well with your voice and brand. You don’t need an industry expert. Instead, find a great writer with marketing knowledge who can bring your information to life and engage your target audience. You want your readers to feel excited about your business after reading your eBook.
  •  If you also need a designer, it’s best to find a digital marketing agency that can handle your entire project. Don’t skip this step! Even the most well-written eBook can fall flat if it isn’t properly designed. You need something that looks polished and worth the reader’s time.
  • Once you have your book, consider help with marketing. It might be an investment, but if it increases your outreach and attracts a mass of new clients, then it’ll be well worth it! Again, even the perfect eBook won’t get much traction unless you know how to market it to your desired audience and analyze your tactics.

In the end, only you can decide what services you need when writing, creating, and marketing an eBook. Many businesses think of an eBook simply as a writing assignment, and not everyone realizes that there’s much more to the process!

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