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Our expert team is willing to plan your calendar, write copy, create graphics, schedule posts, respond and engage, answer direct messages, and perform social listening to ensure that your brand is the best it can be across your social platforms.

As a full-service email marketing management team, we have the ability to manage your email list, write copy, plan a layout, create graphics, add links and metadata, schedule your email, and monitor the results for ways to improve.

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Enhance your funnel

Marketing is a ToFU activity. That means, bad marketing can ruin any chance of new customers. Sound intimidating? Zeal can help.

Organic Marketing

Ads can only get you so far in today’s digital world. You need an organic presence to show your real personality and attract customers.

Optimizing Weekly

Did we mention marketing was more than posting all willy-nilly? Optimizing means a/b testing, reviewing engagement, and making progress.

Plan Reviewing

A marketing plan is designed with success in mind; however, things change. We’ll make sure the plan we’re following is up to date.

Gain Fans

Loyal fans can be your best source of income thanks to the power of mouth-to-mouth marketing. But… how do you find them? Easy! Your marketing plan brings all the fans to the yard.

Generate Recognition

I’m sure you can name hundreds of brands right off the top of your head. How did they get in there? Recognition. How do you get that?

Oh.. there it is again… marketing.

Let Zeal handle your marketing

A good marketing strategy will pay off. But, it takes time and expertise. Run your business while run your marketing department.

Results driven Marketing Services for your business

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  • Organic social media with a focus on engagement and conversion

  • Complete email marketing complete with copywriting, graphics design, a/b testing, and CRM management

  • Weekly account updates and monthly detailed analytics

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*Marketing services are per month with a minimum 3-month contract.

What problem are you trying to solve?

What writing services do you offer?2021-03-26T20:47:11+00:00

We offer:

  1. Blogs and articles
  2. Press releases and guest posts
  3. Website copy and landing page copy
  4. eBooks and whitepapers
Why do you require multi-month contracts for marketing projects?2021-02-03T16:08:21+00:00

Marketing is continuous and requires time to see results. If anyone tells you differently, their pants are on fire, and you’re being taken for a ride. We require a minimum contract of three months to get things in motion, let them run, edit them, and begin to see results. This policy applies to all social media and email marketing.

What marketing services do you offer?2021-03-26T20:48:34+00:00

At Zeal, we’ll be happy to take completely manage your social media and email marketing campaign.

How can I schedule a meeting?2021-02-03T16:08:07+00:00

If you want to talk with someone from Zeal about your project or business, then fill out the contact form, and we’ll get back to you! Alternatively, you can use the chatbot at the bottom of the page or go to any of our social media channels and send a message.

Do you have experience in my industry?2021-03-26T20:50:19+00:00

Short answer, maybe. We have extensive expertise in construction, real estate, architecture, and both B2B and B2C technology. We have some experience with nonprofits and sustainable CPG businesses. However, we’ve worked in almost every industry at one point or another. Why so many areas of expertise? Our job is to market. Being flexible, knowledgeable, and able to learn is part of our job.

What will startup look like if I start working with you?2021-02-03T16:07:53+00:00

Everything starts with a free thirty-minute consultation with Ashley Madden. From there, you’ll get a proposal outlining who we are, what we’re willing to offer, how that will solve your needs, and at what price. After agreeing to the proposal, we’ll send over a contract. Once signed, we’ll send the first invoice. Once paid, we get to work! Our goal, have work headed in your direction within five days of contract signing.

How does Zeal Marketing Group charge?2021-02-03T16:07:46+00:00

We charge by the project for projects or by the month for ongoing work. Nothing is hidden and everything is spelled out in the contract. In short, we follow the KISS Principle: “keep it simple, stupid.”

Will I need a marketing plan?2021-02-03T16:12:31+00:00

A marketing plan enables us to focus on what matters in your business. Without one, we’re shooting in the dark and making disjointed decisions without a frame of reference. So, yes. However, if you don’t have one – fear not – that will be our first step together as a team.

“Helping small businesses enact their marketing plans, to me, means helping a small business grow within their community and beyond. That’s a good feeling.”

Ashley Madden

Founder – Zeal Marketing Group

Results and happy clients

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Growing Brand Awareness with Randy Tarpey

Zeal Marketing Group helped Randy Tarpey grow three niche tax websites to attract a new audience and convert new clients. We utilized social media marketing and optimized blog creation.

Let’s Make Sh*t Happen

Marketing can feel overwhelming. It can seem pointless. Neither of those statements need to be true.

“The idea of growing my business seems awful.”

Not you. Ever.

If you… you’re in the wrong place. This place is about growth.

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